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I think this is a reasonable feature request by @marcandre This would simply be a time-saving bit of sugar, to be able to conservatively update a particular gem, without having to edit the Gemfile, bundle install, then undo the edits to the Gemfile.

We know of three ways to do convervative updates manually.

Here’s what the Bundler doc says about bundle update UPDATING A LIST OF GEMS Sometimes, you want to update a single gem in the Gemfile(5), and leave the rest of the gems that you specified locked to the versions in the So when your app breaks or your tests fail, it takes a lot of time to figure out why.

For instance, in the scenario above, imagine that nokogiri releases version 1.4.4, and you want to update it without updating Rails and all of its dependencies. Bundler will update nokogiri and any of its dependencies, but leave alone Rails and its dependencies. Want an example of an unexpected side-effect of bundle update? Let’s say you’ve installed the sextant gem into your Rails app so you can see your Rails routes in development mode by navigating to /rails/routes.

But no, it also updates the gem’s dependencies—whether they have to be updated or not.

In fact, updating a third party gem can even upgrade you to a new version of Rails behind your back. And it makes sense to update the dependencies if something new is required for the update to work. And now you’re back to the problem I stated at the beginning: even if you intend to update only , you still end up updating a whole boatload of gems.

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[Update: added example of updating the sextant gem, which causes Rails to be updated as well.] [Another update: see the comment below from Andy Waite about an official, approved, documented way to update as few gems as possible.] Hey Ruby developers, When you run bundle update to update your gems, it updates all of them at once.

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