Roles in dating

On one hand, a society with strictly defined gender roles eliminates confusion and awkwardness. And I know for a fact there are men out there who feel that women are their equals and it makes no difference to them who makes the first move. Have we won the right to ask for a man’s phone number? As gender roles become less and less distinct, it creates difficulty in the dating world. I for one do not want a man who is not secure enough with himself to be able to accept a woman asking him out on a date.As women have become more educated and independent, we no longer require a husband to support us and this fact has changed the face of courting. If women may earn just as much money as men, why should they not be able to invite a man out and pay for a date? I suppose that we could just chuck thousands of years of evolution and revert back to the days of Cro Magnum Man. Or why should a woman not be able to ask for a man’s number and make the first call? The males could go out hunting for meat, and the women could stay close to the caves gathering nuts and berries and then at night the alpha males could mate with the females doggy-style. Men and women agree that personality is the most important trait to consider when deciding whether to go on a first date with someone, and very few say money is a top consideration.

One-third think it’s OK to search for online clues about a potential first date’s success in life.

Let me start by saying that I define dating as only the first 4 - 10 dates depending on the couple.

Once you know you have a standing date on Saturday night, you have moved on to the first phase of relationship.

But along with all of these “rights” have we also won the right to ask a man on a date? If a man’s ego is compromised by the simple fact of a woman asking him out, then I believe that he’s unworthy of her attentions.

On the other hand, it’s dis-empowering, unfair, confining, demeaning, belittling, etc. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but am I the only one out there who believes that we should make the effort to overcome our basic animal instincts?

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