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Debian supports an ever-increasing number of natural languages.Even if you are a native English speaker and do not speak any other language, it is part of your duty as a maintainer to be aware of issues of internationalization (abbreviated i18n because there are 18 letters between the 'i' and the 'n' in internationalization).Real world is not perfect, but with careful selection of tools and strategies, you can get excellent results.If you share DITA topics in the different DITA maps that make up your projects, you can also reuse the translations of those topics.

Activities also include interfacing with the sales team and directly with the client.Therefore, even if you are ok with English-only programs, you should read most of this chapter.According to Introduction to i18n from Tomohiro KUBOTA, I18N (internationalization) means modification of a software or related technologies so that a software can potentially handle multiple languages, customs, and so on in the world, while L10N (localization) means implementation of a specific language for an already internationalized software.With careful planning, costs can indeed be lowered.Cost reduction depends on project nature and it is not possible to predict reduction percentages in advance.

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