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I have evolved my validation technique and would like to discuss that here.

If you have a copy of the book then you know that I am a big fan of the pattern of splitting up data and behavior in build scripts.

To expand on this consider the project files that are created by Visual Studio.

Those project files just define a bunch of properties and items, i.e. Then another file is imported, in the case of C# projects Microsoft.

Sensitive information (like the publish password) is encrypted on a per user/machine level and stored in the file.

This can help you: To see which versions of Visual Studio support this feature, see Version support for architecture and modeling tools.By Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and Rick Anderson This article focuses on using Visual Studio 2017 to create publish profiles. This section uses Visual Studio 2017 and higher to create publishing profiles.The publish profiles created with Visual Studio can be run from MSBuild and Visual Studio 2017. Once created, you can publish from Visual Studio or the command line.These layers describe the major components of the system or the tasks that those artifacts perform.You must define these layers, link artifacts to them, and describe the intended dependencies between those artifacts.

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