Devotions for dating divorced couples remarrying

God's intention in bringing a man and a woman together is to join two individuals into one union, a status which is to last as long as both members remain alive.

An excellent wife is far more precious than jewels (Proverbs ), and a godly marriage is among the richest blessings enjoyed in this life.

Bible Companion will help answer important questions such as: • How does God define marriage?

Courtesy photo Divorced couple Bobby and Kristi Burge baptized their son, Josh, 11, together.

“No one can fix it for you unless you want it to get better,” Bobby said.

Exhausted, a healthy marriage felt like a mountain they couldn’t climb.

These fascinating guides to the inner lives of men and women have become perennial bestsellers, for revelations about the seemingly mysterious ways of the opposite sex.

More Info Here Exposing myths that can make or break a relationship, Temple offers biblical insights to help you and your partner address the root causes of harmful attitudes---and experience the joyful marriage God intended.

Weighing in on the topic is Pastor Rob Bugh and his wife, Rhonda, who have a blended family of nine; and Sabrina Beasley, whose seven-year marriage ended in 2010 when her husband was killed in a car accident, leaving her a single mother of two.

Sources are also unsure as to the exact nature of their relationship: some say it was a legal marriage, others a common-law marriage; some say she was his wife, others his concubine.

Whatever the specifics, the two were in a relationship that produced an heir, Constantine, around the year 272 CE.

In a day when half of all marriages fail, we all need insight that stands the test of time.

We need wisdom from Scripture to equip us to transform our own union from a lackluster contract into an intimate and exciting relationship.

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They remained together for at least 15 years, but in 289 CE Constantius, who was Roman Emperor Caesar, divorced Helena to enter into a politically advantageous marriage with a younger woman, Theodora, who was the stepdaugher of Maximian, Roman Emperor Augustus at the time.

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