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Teaching you to avoid bad relationships is also a goal.Even Sean, who has published extremely personal and detailed accounts about his own sex life, started off a bit shy during his consultation. (Admittedly, the presence of our cameras did not help.)As Zhana and Kenneth combed through some of Sean's issues and offered insightful strategies, Sean became more and more comfortable, and his thoughts were presented with more clarity.His goal was to successfully have a one-night stand, but to understand why he hadn't already, Zhana and Kenneth had to pry a bit. Naturally, conversations with strangers hit a rhythm with increasing familiarity, but under the surface, Zhana and Kenneth were actively bridging the divide.They talk to clients in a room adorned with photographs of people in various states of undress and a lamp in the mold of a human torso in bondage wear.All this might be a fairly uncomfortable setting for a stranger, and they fully understand and acknowledge that not everyone is on their wavelength.

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