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It will be an exciting opportunity to hear from many prominent scholars and eminent clergy from across the Asia-Pacific Region who are experts on Catholicism and Globalization will speak over the three days.The Australian Census of Population and Housing is a rich source of data about Australians and their cultural characteristics.It was taking half of a person’s job at the board office to track completion rates and it was a real nightmare to administer,” he adds.As a result, the board needed a new, more efficient way to deliver professional learning curriculum to staff.He was ordained in the diocese of Ballarat in 1966, where he served as a priest and later as a consulter to Bishop Ronald Mulkearns, who oversaw the diocese from 1971-1997.Pell was appointed auxiliary bishop for the archdiocese of Melbourne in 1987, and was named archbishop in 1996.In 2011, the Census revealed that over a quarter (26%) of Australia's population was born overseas and a further one fifth (20%) had at least one overseas-born parent.Throughout the 100 years since the first National Census in 1911, migrants have made up a large component of the Australian population.

This pattern of migration is evident in the make up of the richly diverse society which has been recorded in the 2011 Census.

This transient teaching workforce often transitions between schools and is creating new training challenges for the LDCSB.

“Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, we must ensure our teachers and staff members think, practice, and feel a personal responsibility for occupational health and safety,” says Jon Mc Goey, a teacher at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School and Curriculum Leader with LDCSB.

“In the past, teachers ‘belonged’ to a school and health and safety training (and the tracking of successful completion of training) would have fallen to the principal.

But with more of our teachers working part-time and moving between schools, responsibility for administering and tracking health and safety compliance shifted from the school principal to the board–a big undertaking when you consider the board employs thousands of teachers.

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