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A collection of helpers by Thomas Elmiger, among them a ''tweet button'' macro, a ''text-stretch'' solution, a ''snippet extraction'' macro and a tiddler that installs a ''scroll-to-top button'' via drag-and-drop.A fast Forth interpreter for the

I have complete directions in my book "Oracle Tuning - The Definitive Reference", but here are some notes.The optimizer_index_cost_adj figure was arrived at after about 2 days of testing various troublesome queries.We were told by one Oracle guy that if your DB is not a warehouse and it's used batch and OLTP, the bottom four parameters should be set in 10g, without question to ensure the Warehouse components do not affect OLTP type activity!All answers from DNSSEC protected zones are digitally signed.By checking the digital signature, a DNS resolver is able to check if the information is identical (i.e.

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Prior to putting your Oracle 10g upgrade into production, it's a best practice to obtain an independent Oracle health check to identify sub-optimal configuration settings.

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