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If you do, Access evaluates the expression and then uses this value as the expression in this argument.This can produce unexpected results if the expression is a string.Access database, the code is looping through each row and insert data to Ms. Activate Call Make Connection("fd Master Temp") For i = 1 To rcount - 1 rs.

This course introduces the Visual Basic for Applications programming language, covers creating subroutines and functions to hold code, and provides a solid grounding in the Excel 2007 object model.This article, I will talk about some methods to protect the pivot table in worksheet. Protect pivot table with VBA code Protect pivot table but allow access to the slicer Sub Restrict Pivot Table() 'Updateby Extendoffice 20161026 Dim xpf As Pivot Field Application. To find out whether a particular property can be set by using a macro and which views it can be set in, see the Help topic for that property in the Visual Basic Editor. fieldname in the Item box to set the value for such a field.This is a heads-up about the imminent release of the new XLPublish add-in written by myself and David Hoppe. Dick It has been brought to my attention that the formatting I chose for my Blog post on this makes for a difficult to copy and paste the code I listed into an Excel module without significant effort (like fixing doub;t-quotes, single quotes and unrequested spaces, etc.) I am very sorry about that.

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