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The 30-year-old former member of RBD has reportedly scaled back from television work a bit since dating the politician - you , the Colombian star reveals, “He was already married with a big wedding, and I was already married with a big wedding.

; born May 14, 1983), is a Mexican actress and singer, who is the current First Lady of Chiapas state, Mexico.

Here are 9 Latin celebrity couples who should just get hitched already!

, a source close to Anahí said that wedding bells will soon ring for the couple, who began dating in 2012.

In days leading up to the wedding Manuel Velasco had posted an open letter to Reforma where he shot down rumors that he and Anahí were going to have a lavish reception.

"My fiancée and I have decided to have a simple ceremony where we will not hold a reception or party." he wrote.

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