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Williams and 4th great grandson of John Fay of Marlboro. Hemmingway and Annette Burleigh (names as shown here) shows residence of groom and bride in Dover, New Hampshire. This data is not used as birth date is 11 years too early - 1828 vice 1839. Zibley of Center Harbor, to build the living room fireplace.

As the lights shine on her face, we notice that the girl is identical in appearance to Cameron.ome of Gilbert Park Fay's famous relatives are: Captain Steven Fay (1715 - 1781), owner of the Revolutionary War Catamount Tavern in Bennington, Vermont. IRVING WETHERBEE8 FAY (GILBERT PARK7, PARK6, REUBEN5, REUBEN4, ROBERT3, DAVID2, JOHN1) was born in Natick, Massachusetts, and died Unknown. He was married to Margaret Leslie of South Pasedena, CA. (son age 15), Mildred (daughter age 12), Lillian (daughter age 10), and Gilbert P. Instead of joining George Merrill, he handled all the boats and work at Beaver Island. Sergeant John Fay (1734 - 1777), who fought and died in the Battle of Bennington, August 16, 1777 (the turning point of the Revolutionary War). Cyrus Fay (1778 - 1839), inventor of the forceps for extracting teeth and progenitor of the current day French and Tahitian Fay Family, George Herbert Walker Bush (1924 - ), 41st President of the United States, and his son George Walker Bush (1946 - ), 43rd President of the United States. Park, Hattie, and their five children had a cottage near The Gulf on what was then called Mansfield's Point, where George Merrill laid the stone steps leading from the dock to the Fay's' house. He’s also toured extensively in theatre productions such as Spamalot, and in 2014 appeared as a contestant on BBC TV’s Celebrity Masterchef.PAUL Mc CARTHY (Tommy Watson) Paul was a member of the original Grange Hill cast, playing Anthony Underwood.

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